Executive Board

Chapter President

Steven Lemus Garcia

Steven is a San Diego native undergraduate senior pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Accounting, who transferred from Mesa Community College. Steven plans to join the BMACC program this Spring, which he will pursue his CPA license after he completes the program.

Steven plans to specialize in the audit field and work for a firm that fits his beliefs where he can shine. His hobbies include: weight lifting, video games, anime/manga, family, friends, raving, eating, and exploring. Originally, Steven was part of SAS when he initially enrolled into SDSU. But, after coming to the weekly meetings of ALPFA, he had a stronger sense of belonging with the society; as in he felt all members (even the Executive Board) knew each other on a personal level. ALPFA has helped him make important network connections, learn business formalities, and groom him to be ready when he does graduate.

As President: He facilitates meetings/duties and goes to weekly meetings with other student organizations, recruits, and assists the Executive Board anyway he can. His goal is to bring ALPFA up to a higher standard as it is at a national level and reach out to any students who might need guidance in any way. Something interesting about me is that I’m 2-2 in food challenges.


Executive Vice President

Ryan Khojasteh

Ryan is an Accounting major currently in his 4th year, pursuing his bachelor’s degree. Ryan also is a transfer student from both Miramar and Mesa community college. Ryan has applied for the BMACC program and hopefully will be enrolled in the program next year after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting. Ryan’s responsibilities as Vice President is to promote ALPFA organization, network, and sign up new members. Ryan’s hobbies are reading books, watching movies and of course playing video games.

Ryan: ALPFA has helped me make connections and build friendships with the people who are pursuing the same goal as me. Small group meetings unlike other organizations that usually have meetings with hundreds of students allowed him to easily have access to speak to different firms and employers and ask questions and build connections for potential internship opportunities. If interested in joining ALPFA organization or have any question regarding how to become a member, need more information or any general questions you can reach Ryan via email.


VP of Finance

Jazmin Cruz

Jazmin Cruz is a fourth year student majoring in Business Administration, Accounting with a minor in Psychology and is looking forward to applying for the BMACC program. She plans to obtain her Master’s degree in Accounting with an emphasis in AIS once she joins BMACC. Her plans also include obtaining her CPA license and working for an accounting firm that aligns with her values and future goals. Her hobbies include going on runs, going to the beach, enjoying time with friends and family, exploring beautiful places in San Diego and grabbing coffee at her favorite coffee shops!

Jazmin joined ALPFA only last semester and despite being completely virtual, she felt the organization did an exceptional job at being so welcoming and informing students of many great opportunities. She immediately felt a need to be more than just a member and decided to become the Finance officer this semester. As the VP of Finance, some of the tasks she will take on include updating the financial sheets for the upcoming semester, looking for funding/sponsorships, creating a budget, and sending out invoices.


VP of Professional Relations

Fernando Silva

Fernando is a transfer student from Imperial Valley College. This year will be his senior year at SDSU making it his second year in this institution. His plans for the future are to obtain his Bachelor’s degree, an internship, join the BMACC program, and obtain his master’s degree in Accounting with an emphasis in Tax or AIS. Once he has accomplished these objectives, he will obtain his CPA license and work for a Midsize firm or one of the Big 4. 

Fernando is the current VP of Professional Relations. His task is to connect and interact with recruiters from accounting firms. He coordinates the meeting dates and times with the recruiters. As the VP of Professional Relations, He will make sure that every member of ALPFA feels welcomed. He joined ALPFA in Fall 2019, and it was an intimidating experience for him. He had transitioned from a community college and was surprised by how my career was set up to be. ALPFA has become an organization he appreciates due to their humbleness and overall honesty. He is now aware of the importance of networking, and it has allowed him to land a part-time position at KPBS. He loves exercising and playing soccer. Reading books is something he enjoys doing in the mornings. Netflix is his go to app to watch movies and series. He is hoping to have a successful semester academically and professionally.


VP of Marketing

Andrew Martinez

Andrew is a Senior Business Administration, Accounting major at SDSU and hopes to continue his education at SDSU and receive his Master’s in Business Administration, Accounting through the BMACC program. Although a clear career path has not been decided he is excited to start working in the field of Accounting.

As VP of Marketing, his job duties include sending weekly newsletters to members updating them about opportunities, recruiting new members to ALPFA and maintaining online and social media presence to communicate with and inform interested parties.

Andrew is excited to be a part of a group that is motivated and committed to serve as ALPFA. He expects great things to come through the collaboration this semester.


VP of Membership

Victoria Vela

Victoria is a senior undergraduate Business Administration, Accounting student at San Diego State University. She plans to apply to the BMACC program with an emphasis in AIS this spring to graduate with a B.S. degree in Business Administration, Accounting, and a M.S. degree in Accountancy in May 2022.  She then plans to attain her CPA license and work for a middle market firm that shares her values and interest in community involvement. Her interests include coding, painting, and supporting local coffee shops.

Victoria’s responsibilities as the VP of Membership are to promote all that ALPFA has to offer, network with members and professionals, and collect membership payments. While she is fairly new to the ALPFA organization having joined last semester, she has found a great sense of community and positive foundation that will help her grow in her professional aspirations. She hopes to expand the ALPFA community and help other accounting students feel welcome to use all of the resources the organization has to offer.


CBC & Advisory

Mayra Camacho

Mayra is currently a graduate accounting student with an AIS specialization in the BMACC 4+1 program at San Diego State University. She will be starting the BMACC program this spring semester 2021 and will graduate in December 2021 with both her Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree. 

Mayra was in the nursing field for five years of her young adult life. After having the opportunity to help start a small outdoor construction business, she realized that she was not only good at accounting but also very much enjoyed it. SDSU and their accounting societies have helped her gain the skills necessary to become a professional. Mayra is currently an officer of ALPFA as a College of Business Council Representative. She is ready to pass on the knowledge she has gained to anyone that can benefit from it.


VP of Activities

Jazmin,Fernando, Victoria

The responsibilities of the Activities position are divided between Jazmin Cruz, Fernando Silva, and Victoria Vela. They are excited to collaborate, create engaging activities, and help their members achieve their goals in their professional growth this semester.