Executive Board

President, Mariano Hernandez 


In this role, Mariano shall be responsible for progress, development, standards, purpose, and responsibilities of the organization. He is a sophomore planning to receive his B.Sc. Degree in Accounting and Computer Science as a double major. He decided to double major to pursue his passion of organization and technology. He feels emerging technologies will play a huge role within every sector of the economy and would like to work on research and development later on in his career. Mariano joined ALPFA to learn some more about the professional industry and network with professionals in the industry. He found this to be an advantageous opportunity and wanted to share his knowledge with fellow students who wish to understand more about the professional world. Mariano had the privilege of attending ALPFA’s National Convention where he got to learn more about the organization and meet many more professionals from large firms. Apart from ALPFA, Mariano enjoys reading, going out with friends, and spending time with family.

Vice President,  Lizeth Navarro

In this role, Lizeth is responsible for presenting and organizing ALPFA events. She is also in charge of making sure tasks are being fulfilled by executive members. She is a fifth-year student, majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accountancy. She is interested in joining the tax field in public accounting. She is currently working at SDSU Research Foundation as a student assistant for the finance & accounting department. She joined ALPFA to network with professionals, but found herself making friends and admiring ALPFA’s mission along the way. As a result, she decided to run for treasurer and held that position prior to becoming VP. The thing she enjoys the most about ALPFA is meeting new people.  Lizeth also had the privilege to attend the 2018 ALPFA national convention, which was an eye-opening experience for her and encourages people to attend future conventions. In her free time, she likes to go out dancing, weight training, playing and watching soccer.

Treasurer, Briana Beltran

Briana BeltranIn this role, Briana is responsible of keeping track of ALPFA’s cash transactions and bookkeeping. She will also be responsible in filling out W-9s and invoices. She is a fifth-year student pursuing a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in  Accountancy with a minor in Religious Studies. She joined ALPFA as a way to improve her networking skills, while also connecting with peers with mutual interests. What she enjoys the most about ALPFA is the people–the friends she makes here are friends that go beyond weekly meetings and events. Another aspect that really lured her into ALPFA was the mission and what the organization stands for as a whole. In her free time, she enjoys running, yoga, movies, napping and most importantly, eating!

VP of Marketing, Yesenia Hernandez


In this role, Yesenia is responsible for maintaining ALPFA’s online platforms. In addition, she is responsible for being the key communicator who sends weekly newsletters to members of the organization.  She is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accountancy and a minor in Finance. She joined ALPFA because she wanted to meet people who had similar goals as her and wanted to hear their experience. Through her weekly meetings, she became more engaged with the organization and decided to take a leadership role. She says that ALPFA has allowed her to grow as an individual and has allowed her to network with professionals she never thought she would be able to befriend. She is hoping to attend the next national convention to grow her network. In her free time, she likes to explore new areas, hiking, and doing anything outdoors since she is always studying or working indoors.

VP of Professional Relations – Victor Campos

In this role, Victor is coordinating weekly meetings with professional firms. He also seeks sponsorship and partnership opportunities with firms and other campus organizations. He is a junior who declared accountancy because he was inspired to learn more about the subject after taking his initial accounting classes. He joined ALPFA because he was looking for an accounting organization that offered more one on one time with accounting professionals. He enjoys being a member of ALPFA because of how welcoming the organization is and the friendliness of members assisting with any questions one may have about going through recruiting. In his free time, Victor participates in martial arts training and also likes spending time with friends and family.


VP of Activities, Juan Ramirez

In this role, Juan is responsible for coordinating events. He is a senior majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accountancy. He chose accounting because he likes the foundation of the major and how secure the career is. Juan decided to join ALPFA because as a transfer student from community college, he felt unsure of what steps to take and what resources to utilize during recruiting and networking events. ALPFA and its members were always there to guide him to the right path. He was confident this organization would help him grow because he witnessed how supportive the members were of one another. Everyone knows each other on a first name basis and is willing to lend a hand when needed. He says, “It’s a home away from home.” In his free time, he likes to go to the beach, fish and being active.

VP of Membership, Stephen Celestino

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