Executive Board

Chapter President

Sarah Mohammad

Sarah is a graduate student pursuing her Master of Science degree in Accounting Information Systems. After transferring from Community College, she joined ALPFA and has since had the opportunity to serve on the executive team as the VP of Public Relations for two semesters.

As President, Sarah will be coordinating tasks between officers and helping out organise a virtual Meet The Firms with the other accounting organisations. Since joining ALPFA, Sarah has created great friendships and experienced a lot of support while recruiting, which has led to multiple internships.

Sarah’s goal at ALPFA has always been to reach out to diverse students at SDSU in order to help guide them in the right direction, so that they may find their desired position. ALPFA to Sarah means true friendship. It’s a place where you can go, and you always find people who support and care about you. Sarah’s hobbies include watching good series, playing badminton, and spending time at the beach with her daughters.


Executive VP

Steven Lemus Garcia

Steven is a San Diego native undergraduate senior pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Accounting, who transferred from Mesa Community College. Steven plans to join the BMAcc program this fall, which he will pursue his CPA license after he completes the program.

Steven plans to specialize in the tax field and work for a firm that fits his beliefs where he can shine. His hobbies include: weight lifting, video games, anime/manga, family, friends, raving, eating, and exploring. Originally, Steven was part of SAS when he initially enrolled into SDSU. But, after coming to the weekly meetings of ALPFA, he had a stronger sense of belonging with the society; as in he felt all members (even the Executive Board) knew each other on a personal level. ALPFA has helped me make important network connections, learn business formalities, and groom me ready for when I do graduate.

As Executive Vice President: He assists the president facilitate meetings/duties and accompanies her on weekly meetings with other student organizations, leads the audit team, recruiting, and assists the Executive Board anyway he can. My goal is to bring ALPFA up to a higher standard as it is at a national level and reach out to any students who might need guidance in any way. Something interesting about me is that I’m 2-1 in food challenges.


VP of Finance

Adelaida Mogrovejo

Adelaida Mogrovejo is a fourth-year transfer student from San Diego Mesa College, where she graduated with honors and an Associate in Science in Business Administration.

She intends to graduate with a BS in Business Administration in Fall 2020 and subsequently pursue a well-mapped plan. First, she will work in the accounting industry. Then, she expects to pass the public accountant certification process, obtain her credentials, and begin her hard-won career as a certified public accountant (CPA).

On campus, Adelaida serves as Vice President of Finance for ALPFA and Tau Sigma Honors Society. Beyond campus, she volunteers as a board member for The House of Peru. Her pastimes include a variety of both quiet and energetic activities such as reading novels, catching up on her favorite television shows, cooking, and dancing salsa.


VP of Professional Relations

Brian Contreras

Brian is a senior in his final semester of undergraduate classes. Will be entering the BMacc program in fall. He hopes to get into Sempra’s audit team. His duties include emailing professionals at the firms and coordinating the days they will meet with our members at our meetings. His hobbies are driving, reading, anime, and food consumption.

“I joined ALPFA initially because it was the only one on Tuesday, but I stuck around due to it being a very personable group due to the size of our meetings. ALPFA has helped me by putting me in front of the professionals, which in the accounting recruitment process, is vital. My goal in my position is to bring a bigger variety of firms to present at our meetings and to strengthen the ties we already have with the professionals at the firms”. Something interesting about me is that I genuinely enjoy accounting.


VP of Marketing

Abdi Aidarus

Abdi is a graduate student at SDSU and currently enrolled in the university’s BMAcc program. He is pursuing a Masters of Science in Accounting with a specialty in Financial Reporting. He hopes to graduate with his CPA exams completed and work as an auditor with the Big 4.

As a marketing officer, his job duties include sending weekly newsletters to members updating them about opportunities, recruiting new members to ALPFA and maintaining an online and social media presence to communicate with and inform interested parties. Abdi is currently in his 3rd semester as a marketing officer and enjoys helping fellow students navigate through the challenges as a college student and achieve their goals.

ALPFA has helped Abdi find opportunities to connect with working professionals, but it has become a second home and a supporting environment where students push each other to succeed and reach their potential. Abdi enjoys video games, competing in outdoor activities, binging shows and spending time with family.


VP of Membership

Ryan Khojasteh

Ryan is an Accounting major currently in his 4th year, pursuing his bachelor’s degree. Ryan also is a transfer student from both Miramar and Mesa community college. Ryan has applied for the BMACC program and hopefully will be enrolled in the program next year after receiving his bachelor of science in accounting. Ryan’s job as a Vice President of Membership is to promote Alpfa organization, do networking, sign up new members and collect payments from new recruited students. Ryan’s hobbies are reading books, watching movies and of course playing video games.

Ryan: Alpfa has helped me make connections and build friendships with the people who are pursuing the same goal as me. Small group meetings unlike other organizations that usually have meetings with hundreds of students allowed me to easily have access to speak to different firms and employers and ask questions and build connections for potential internship opportunities. If interested in joining Alpfa organization or have any question regarding how to become a member, need more information or any general questions you can reach Ryan via email.


CBC, IT & Advisory

Mariano Hernandez

Mariano Hernandez is an undergraduate in his last year completing a double major in Accounting and Computer Science. He was the Chapter President for the academic year 2018-2019. Currently, Mariano serves as the Student Advisor and the College of Business Council Representative.

Mariano decided to double major to pursue his passion of organization and technology. He feels emerging technologies will play a huge role within every sector of the economy and would like to work on research and development later on in his career.

Mariano joined ALPFA to learn more about the professional services industry and network with professionals. He found this to be an advantageous opportunity and now wants to share his knowledge with fellow students who wish to understand more about the professional world.


VP of Activities

Fernando Silva

I am a transfer student from Imperial Valley College. This year will be my senior year at SDSU making it my second year in this institution. My plans for the future are to obtain my bachelor’s degree, an internship, join the BMACC program and obtain my master’s degree in Tax or AIS. Once I have accomplished these objectives, I’ll obtain my CPA license and work for a Midsize or one the Big 4. I am the current VP of Activities. My duties are to formulate reports that determine the cost and benefits for the organization that are to be handed to the finance officer.

My task is to come up with different possible events. Plan in-person social events, and webinars that members of the organization will appreciate. I joined ALPFA Fall 2019, and it was an intimidating experience for me. I had transitioned from a community college and I was surprised of how my career was set up to be. ALPFA has become an organization I appreciate due to their humbleness and overall honesty. Even though my first semester at ALFA, I was intimidated, I learned how to be comfortable in communicating with professionals.

I am now aware of the importance of networking, and it has allowed me to land a part-time position at KPBS. My goal as VP of Activities is to set up fun activities that our members can enjoy. Although this pandemic has changed that panoramic, I am hoping once campus opens, those activities can be done. I am a sociable person, but you do have to get in my comfort circle. I love exercising and playing soccer. Reading books is something I enjoy doing in the mornings. Netflix is my app to go to watch movies and series. I am hoping to have a successful semester academically and in my working duties.