Director of Professional Relations – Aimee Escolano

My name is Aimee Escolano and I am ALPFA’s Director of Professional Relations. I am an accounting major in my senior year here at SDSU and I plan on continuing my education through the BMACC program. My responsibilities include organizing who presents at the weekly meetings, escorting professionals, and being the point of contact for firms and recruiters.

ALPFA has been a tremendous asset to help me grow as an accounting student and as a professional. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and get to know professionals in a smaller setting, growing my network exponentially. I’ve also built relationships with other like-minded students, which has made life as an accounting student much more enjoyable.

I aim to help our members and candidates through this semester’s recruiting process, as well as provide information and guidance to help them succeed as a student and individual. I hope to inspire members to actively participate in our organization, so that they may all benefit from ALPFA as I have.


Director of Membership – Gio Montes

I’m a 4th year accounting major and the Director of Membership of ALPFA. I got involved because I learned so much from ALPFA and gained a lot from joining, so I wanted to make sure I could pass along anything that’ll help students get to where they want to be. ALPFA helped me by getting me exposure to numerous firms, and since they hosted the case competition at SDSU, I was able to make myself known. In my free time, I like to skate and produce electronic music!


College of Business Representative – Vacant



Director of Marketing – Rachel Gomez

My name is Rachel Gomez. I am a junior majoring in Accounting with plans to get my CPA in December 2019. Before joining ALPFA, I was completely unaware of I should be preparing myself for a career after college. I had never networked, talked to a counselor, or researched internship opportunities. Through ALPFA’s presentations, I learned the steps I needed to take to prepare myself for success. I was given the opportunity to finally have a mentor and network with business professionals offering valuable insight as to what I need to do to prepare for my future. Now I remain in ALPFA to support my peers and grow my leadership skills as Director of Marketing. In my free time, I like rating movies & music online, playing trumpet & bass guitar, and watching shows like Master of None & Bojack Horseman!


Director of Finance – Liz Navarro